High demand for cars and reduced supply.


Car-hire firms in Mallorca and the Balearics are benefiting from the high numbers of tourists coming to the islands for Easter. The president of Aevab vehicle rental association, Ramón Reus, says that forecasts are being exceeded, there having been a fear that the war would negatively impact tourism over Easter; this isn't the case. He points to an average of 85% vehicle reservation over the next five days, and this is expected to increase because of last-minute demand. In some areas, firms are already fully booked.

Antoni Masferrer says that in some instances firms are struggling to meet demand because there are not sufficient numbers of cars - "a situation that we have been suffering from since the start of the pandemic".

Both associations indicate that there are some 50,000 fewer cars in the Balearics than in 2019. This leaves them without much room for manoeuvre and so prices have risen, meaning greater profit. Price increases are put at some 300%, the average being around 130 euros, whereas previously there was a range from 15 to 60 euros. Reus suggests that there will be a lack of cars throughout the season - "the problem will become more acute in July, August and September".

Indications for Easter in other sectors are positive. The president of the Balearic Transport Federation, Rafael Roig, says that, compared with 2019, 70% of 55-seater coaches are currently operational. "This is a situation that was unthinkable a month ago and it has pleasantly surprised us."

Javier Vich, president of the Palma and Cala Mayor hoteliers association, says that occupancy levels in Palma's boutique and urban hotels are above forecasts. Over the weekend, these will be close to 90%. It remains to be seen if these levels are attained in the resorts, but demand is such that 85% of hotels will be open for Easter across Mallorca.