Cruise ship numbers are now limited, but opponents want measures to go further. | Archive


The Platform Against Mega-Cruise Ships is renewing its opposition through a social media campaign which stresses that "this type of tourism is unsustainable". Institutions and the public, the group insists, need to limit cruise tourism, given its "severe environmental, health, economic and social impacts" in Palma.

On Friday, the group stated its desire to "mobilise citizens more than ever before" through various actions to be carried over the coming months. The latest campaign was presented to the tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, on Friday and will also be presented at Bellver Castle during celebrations for Angel Sunday.

The group has created an independent air quality control system. A network of sensors has been installed to measure, "reliably and transparently", the impact of cruise ships on the environment and on health. Periodic data on the levels of contamination of cruise ships are to be published.

There will be an awareness campaign within the cruise sector itself as well as constant lobbying of institutions. The public is being invited to make donations so that evidence can continue to be collected which shows "the impact of mega-cruise ships and in order to put pressure on institutions to limit their arrival".