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Palma Son Sant Joan Airport has the most direct flight connections in the whole of the Mediterranean. This makes it a hub for European flights from May to October and is why it is of such vital importance to the airports authority Aena - Palma is a strategic traffic distribution centre.

Aena points out that the increase in traffic and routes is due to the fact that Mallorca has placed itself in a leading position in the global tourism sector. From Palma, it is possible to fly to 156 destinations. The total number of routes this year is 357 for 28 countries. This explains the airport's importance.

European airlines are increasing flights to and from Palma and increasing the routes. It is the Spanish airport with the highest number of new routes this year, and from June there will be the new direct route between New York-Newark and Palma.

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Germany and the UK are the two main markets and account for the highest percentages of flights and routes. Italy, France, Sweden and Norway are some way behind but are growing due to the increase in holiday demand for Mallorca in these countries.

Tour operators and airlines, even more so because of the current geopolitical situation, have made a strong commitment to Palma from May to October. Mallorca is a highly attractive destination - it is safe and it has all the services, reasons why flights have been increased.

It is now felt that Son Sant Joan will exceed the 2019 traffic volume - a total of 29.7 million passengers arriving and departing. The war is benefiting Mallorca and the rest of the Balearics, but there is also a commercial battle between holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. Nevertheless, it is expected that Mallorca will be "the destination winner in the Mediterranean this summer".