The National Police arrested the dangerous suspect. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The National Police arrested a 49-year-old man on Sunday as the alleged perpetrator of disturbing the peace, resistance and disobedience, by wielding a knife in the street in Palma.

According to the police, the events occurred around 21.55 hours on Sunday, after receiving a 091 call reporting that a man was wielding a knife and threatening pedestrians.

A patrol from the Police Motorcycle Unit rushed to the scene and saw a man carrying a knife in his hand, making gestures with it as if he intended to stab someone, while being violent at the same time.

The officers approached the man and urged him to stop his behaviour and to throw the knife to the ground. The man, however, made an attempt to approach the officers and was repeatedly told to drop the knife.

Finally, the man had to be restrained as he was violent and aggressive and threw the knife to the ground.

Several passers-by, who were in the vicinity waiting for the bus, informed the officers that the man was walking with the knife in his hand, making gestures and uttering insults.

The detainee has a previous record for similar offences.