Watch Mallorca's birdman | Youtube Última Hora

The police are investigating a "birdman" daredevil who flew over the area of sa Foradada, in the Serra de Tramuntana, wearing a squirrel suit.

Wingsuit flying or wingfly is based on jumping from an aeroplane or off the top of a mountain wearing a suit that allows you to glide as if you were a bird at speeds of over 200 kilometres per hour, providing an incredible adrenaline rush.

One of the videos on social media shows a group of young people recording images from the Son Marroig viewpoint just as the 'birdman' flies by. Then, upon reaching the area of sa Foradada, the mystery person activated a parachute and dropped into the sea.

The person was quickly picked up by a boat which, according to the police, confirms that it was a properly organised and planned jump.

The Serra de Tramuntana is a specially protected area and this type of activity is strictly forbidden hence why an investigation has been opened.