The girl went to the National Police station in Manacor. | Policia Nacional

A court in Manacor has issued a restraining order against the mother of a 14-year-old girl and her boyfriend. The girl is now living with a relative for her protection, she having been subjected to regular physical and psychological abuse.

The National Police have ascertained that the woman and her boyfriend would return home from having been drinking heavily and taking drugs and then physically assault the girl and insult her. Matters came to a head on April 30. The girl tried to leave the apartment, but she was prevented from doing so. She was attacked, causing injuries, and locked in her room.

She waited for the couple to fall asleep and managed to get out. She walked to the town hall square and was helped by two neighbours, who accompanied her to the National Police station.

Manacor Hospital confirmed her injuries, and police and social services arranged for her to say in the care of a relative. The police arrested the couple, who were taken before the court. They were released on charges but subject to the restraining order. They can have no contact - in person or by any other means.

The woman has a previous record for violent behaviour. It would appear that an older daughter suffered similar treatment and that a restraining order was issued for this; it is still in force.

Neighbours say that the woman often suffers uncontrollable fits of rage.