At the scene on Thursday. | Michel's

The autopsy on the Dutch tourist who died on Thursday after jumping into the sea from a rockface on one of the Malgrats Isles has revealed that the cause of death was drowning and not impact with rocks.

The conclusion of the autopsy is that he was still alive when he entered the water but that he then became unconscious and drowned at a depth of some 15 metres.

Guardia Civil investigators have reconstructed what happened. They confirm that he jumped from a height of 22 metres, which they consider to have been reckless, given the height and the speed with which someone would enter the water.

Officers have as yet been unable to interview the 31-year-old man's wife, who is in a state of shock and is currently unable to respond.

She was in a boat that the couple had hired. Their two children, the eldest one four, were with her. She was recording the jump and was apparently streaming it live on the internet.