Residents fear Santa Catalina is getting out of control on weekends. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

After the first police operation in Santa Catalina, the Mayor of Palma, José Hila, said today that the local police "are there, even if they are not in uniform".

Regarding the numerous complaints from neighbours in Santa Catalina about the alleged absence of the local police he pointed out that "they are not in uniform, but that does not mean that they are not there".

The mayor also stressed that the Santa Catalina neighbourhood has been incorporated, for the first time, into the special summer police operation and asked for the local police to be allowed to get on with their job because " it will bear fruit".

In the meantime, earplugs, closed windows and sleeping tablets are the only solution for many residents to get through the weekend in Santa Catalina and it is Jonquet.

The residents are clear: after Gomila and Magalluf, Santa Catalina has taken over as the party venue.

One neighbour has posted an anonymous letter on social networks in which she explains her ritual for sleeping on a Saturday night: "I close the windows, I close the doors of the house so that the sound doesn't penetrate, I put on earplugs". And so it continues from Thursday to Sunday, while on the streets, restaurants, bars and nightclubs make a killing in the middle of May.

"This weekend I've seen more people than ever", says the neighbour, who prefers to remain anonymous because she fears reprisals from the business owners.

The Santa Catalina neighbourhood association said "we are desperate".

"We are hostages of the parties. People are selling their homes or looking for a relative's house to escape to at the weekend", they add.