A very even match between the male and female populations. | Emilio Queirolo

Although less traditional Christian names are becoming increasingly common in Mallorca and the Balearics, data from town hall registers show that the old names continue to dominate.

The National Statistics Institute has compiled data from the registers as they were on January 1, 2021. In the Balearics, there were 19,868 females with the name María and 20,759 males named Antonio. After María, the most numerous female names were: Catalina (14,506), Margarita (12,499), Antonia (12,471), Francisca (12,035), Maria Carmen (9,059), Isabel (6,042), Laura (5,652), Marta (5,403) and Cristina (5,216). For male names, Antonio was followed by Juan (15,411), José (12,285), Francisco (10,940), Miguel (10,495), Manuel (8,074), Pedro (7,363), Jaime (6,913), David (6,529) and Daniel (6,264).

An indication of how things are changing comes from names for children born since 2020. The most common names for boys are: Marc, Leo, Pau, Hugo, Lucas, Martí, Lluc, Liam, Martín and Joan. For girls: Martina, Emma, ​​Julia, Laia, Lucia, Carla, Sofia, Maria, Mia and Paula.

On January 1, 2021, the population of the Balearics was 1,219,775 - 609,997 males and 609,778 females; 3.26% of females were Marias and 3.40% of males were Tonis.