Hoteliers in Magalluf say that "balconing" has been eradicated. | Archive

The incident in Magalluf in the early hours of Tuesday morning, which left a 19-year-old Norwegian tourist in Son Espases intensive care, followed two others involving tourists and which have led police to express their concern about what might happen over the coming weeks. They are worried about a possible summer of "recklessness".

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Two tourists have died this month - one a 34-year-old British tourist who fell from the seventh floor of a Magalluf hotel, the other a 31-year-old Dutch tourist who jumped into the sea at the Malgrats Isles. On Tuesday, a tourist dived into half a metre of water at a hotel pool and suffered serious spinal cord injury. Hospital sources say that he has been left tetraplegic.

There are of course the campaigns warning of the consequences of "excess". In this regard, the hoteliers association in Palmanova and Magalluf has said that "balconing" - in the sense of climbing from balcony to balcony - has been eradicated. In the case of the 34-year-old, however, the association admitted that, regardless of campaigns and measures that have been adopted, there will still be incidents. From his behaviour, it seemed evident that he was in an altered state.