Guardia Civil and police in Magalluf, but on this occasion they had to go to Paguera. | Miquel À. Cañellas


On Friday, a British couple got married in Mallorca. This was at midday at a property in Calvia. By Friday night, the husband was in police cells. He had hit his wife.

At around 8.45pm, Calvia police were called to an establishment in Paguera. The wedding party was being held with the couple's friends. The husband, said to have been drinking heavily, was highly aggressive and at one point hit his wife. He had to be restrained, and the Guardia Civil arrested him.

The woman had left the restaurant. When she returned, she didn't realise that he had been arrested. She was told that he was in Guardia Civil cells. It would seem that she doesn't wish to press charges.