The Council of Mallorca initially declined to exercise its right of first refusal.

The electricity company Endesa has said that it sold the old power station in Alcanada, Alcudia, for a "symbolic" amount to investment fund Gingko. This amount, it turns out, was 300,000 euros. As the Council of Mallorca has now expressed its interest in exercising right of first refusal, it will have to match this sum. While low, it has to be taken into account that cost of decontamination has been estimated at 20 million euros.

Acquisition by the Council will guarantee the site's protected status and its redevelopment, with the help of European funds, as Alcudia TechMar, which is considered by the Balearic government to be a strategic project. Alcudia town hall, the Council of Mallorca and the government want to turn the site into a centre for marine decarbonisation and with a University of the Balearic Islands research facility.

Bàrbara Rebassa, now Alcudia's deputy mayor, was mayor when the project was originally conceived. Responding to the news about the Council's interest, she says that she is "very happy and excited to know that the Council wants to exercise the right of first refusal and buy the plant". She adds that if the site belongs to a public administration, this will "ensure the public interest and that we are able to work towards the Alcudia TechMar project, ending speculation as to whether apartments will be built".

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The Council of Mallorca has until July 10 to exercise its right of first refusal and buy the site.