Officers from the National Police family and women's unit were called in. | Archive


A Palma woman was arrested by the National Police on Thursday after her six-year-old daughter was found to have taken cocaine.

The police were called in when a health centre paediatric service notified them that the girl had been admitted and had tested positive for cocaine. She had been taken to the health centre by staff at a day care nursery, as she was exhibiting "strange behaviour".

Officers, assisted by a paediatrician and a social worker, spoke to the girl, who told them that she had consumed alcohol and a "white powder" during a party at her mother's home the day before; the girl lives with her mother.

The girl has been placed under the guardianship of the Council of Mallorca's child protection service, and police and medical professionals are seeking to determine if this had been a one-off incident or was a regular occurrence.