National Police and Guardia Civil in Son Banya.


On Friday afternoon, the Guardia Civil and the National Police undertook a huge operation against drugs in Palma's Son Banya shanty town.

This is said to be one of the largest police drugs operations in recent years, the two forces having spent months investigating the main clans who control the sale of cocaine, heroin, hashish and marijuana. There has also been a significant increase in the distribution of Viagra and other sexual enhancers.

Sniffer dogs were used in the searches of properties and at least ten arrests were made. A helicopter provided air support in order to prevent suspects from escaping or trying to dispose of drugs.

More than a hundred officers took part, the operation having been led by the Guardia Civil's criminal police unit based in Algaida and the National Police's organised crime squad.

There were simultaneous raids in Son Ferriol (Palma) and in Llucmajor.