The arrests were made at the port. | Policia Nacional


On Sunday, the National Police in Palma arrested two members of a gang that was engaged in the violent robbery of luxury watches between May and July 23. The police attribute over 20 robberies to this gang, and further arrests are anticipated. The value of items stolen is so far put at around 300,000 euros.

The two men arrested on Sunday were Moroccan. This gang is therefore different to the so-called Rolex Gang, the name given to an Italian criminal organisation responsible for a number of luxury watch robberies over several years. Like the Rolex Gang, members of this one were coming to Mallorca for short periods and then leaving.

Their presence in Mallorca coincided with a total of 23 robberies, which were always at night. These were on the Paseo Marítimo, in Playa de Palma and in Cala Major. Violence was common to all the robberies.

Indications are that the gang is based in Barcelona. The two, aged 32 and 35, were detained at the port in Palma, police having been aware that they were due to take a ferry to Barcelona. They appeared in court on Tuesday and were ordered to prison.