Saturday's protest against horse carriages. | Pere Bota

An estimated 400 people may not sound a lot, but animal rights party Progreso en Verde was pleased at the turnout on Saturday for a protest against the exploitation of horses that pull carriages in Palma. The president of Progreso en Verde, Guillermo Amengual, said: "We've been used to protests with 20 or 30 people, so what has what happened today has exceeded our expectations. We are very happy."

The protest started on the Born and then moved to the Cathedral area and Plaça Cort in front of the town hall building. Palma police advised carriage drivers to stay away from the Cathedral area in order to avoid any confrontation. However, more than one showed his indignation at the protest.

Amengual added that he didn't trust the town hall agreement on Thursday to replace horse-drawn carriages with electric ones by 2024.  Town hall parties, he said, have been "deaf" to requests for the past seven years. "Nevertheless, we will be watching to see that they comply with the agreement."