The protest in Palma on Sunday. | Pere Bota


On Sunday morning, twenty or so people staged a protest against bullfighting.

They gathered by Palma town hall in Plaça Cort and called on politicians to apply justice as well as courage in putting an end to bullfighting, which is a show that "celebrates suffering". Politicians should demonstrate solidarity "with the most defenceless - condemned to be tortured to death".

The protest was partly in response to the bullfight that will be held in Palma this coming week.

The Balearic government attempted to ban bullfighting outright, but the legislation was dropped after it became clear that it would be ruled unconstitutional. Alternative legislation, which sought to make the holding of bullfights untenable, was referred to the Constitutional Court in Madrid, which ruled that key aspects, such as prohibiting the killing of the bull, were unconstitutional under national law.