Dear Sir,

I am glad you are bringing up the taxi issue in your most recent article.

I live right in front of the taxi stand on Avenida Antoni Maura and it's an issue that is really very infuriating because it's impossible to get anywhere reliably on the island. Without some sort of App that actually holds drivers accountable and gives residents/tourists easy access it's going to never be cured. Not to mention there is no shortage of people who want to work and make extra money. Not to mention the issue of drunk driving that could be nearly eliminated or greatly reduced because people risk it knowing if they end up in the middle of the island, they will be stranded.

Anyhow - it's clearly become worse and we watch it out of our window every night that tourists stand 28-32 minutes at this one stand to try and get a ride. We've been stranded even in Calvia just to get back to Palma!

I feel like this is the right time to start a movement, or at least cause even greater awareness, to the really messed up laws that the taxis currently have here. Great example is that a taxi from Palma can't take a ride BACK to Palma from Calvia (or other district). The island makes a big deal about being sustainable, electric cars, less cars on the roads - yet it makes zero sense to have an empty car that can't take a rider back.

There are plenty of alternatives to Uber - like Cabify that would allow taxi's and drivers to coexist and make the island safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Name and address supplied