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One of Mallorca's taxi associations is part of the Balearic Transport Federation, which in turn is a member of the CAEB confederation of businesses. The president of this taxi association, Antoni Bauzá, has called a meeting with the CAEB president, Carmen Planas, so that he can inform her - "correctly" - about Uber and Cabify business strategies.

Against a background of taxi shortage in Mallorca, Planas is in favour of services such as Uber. Bauzá is highly critical. At the meeting next Tuesday, he wishes to "put an end to this disagreement, because we understand that she has made her statements due to lack of information and ignorance of how our sector works".

Uber and Cabify, Bauzá insists, would "add a problem where at the moment there is none in the Balearics". CAEB, he argues, cannot support services that are "based in tax havens". "The president (Planas) has made a blunder due to ignorance and without malicious intent." He will take the opportunity to explain to Planas how algorithms are used by these services to raise and lower prices according to demand.

Meanwhile, taxi services away from Palma are accusing Palma taxi drivers of leaving the city without passengers in order to go and pick up. The president of the taxi drivers in Pollensa, Víctor Llompart, says that they are "leaving clients waiting in Palma" and loading in the "part forana". He explains that specific permission for this was given one day in Soller, but now "they are coming like wasps".

Llompart recalls the historic confrontation between taxi drivers from Palma and other municipalities. "It is being revived" this season in the midst of a taxi shortage crisis. More than a decade ago, there were violent scenes at the airport when stones were thrown at taxi drivers from other municipalities. He is calling on the Balearic government to step in.