The airport looks set for a record September. | Archive

Mallorca looks set to record the island's best ever September in terms of tourist numbers, the indications being that Palma Son Sant Joan Airport will exceed the number of passengers in September 2019 (3,767,033), which is the current record.

Tour operators are saying that tourism demand continues to grow, with hotel occupancy forecast to be well over 80%. For September, an occupancy of 85 to 86% is historically high. The Habtur holiday rentals association is looking at similar levels, thus allaying some concerns that activity might drop off after August.

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Because of the nature of tourism in September, this is a month characterised by being the most profitable of the entire season. However, and despite price increases, profits will be eaten into by higher operating costs. Average hotel rates are between 120 and 160 euros per night.

Based on figures for tourist spending so far this season, Mallorca and the rest of the Balearics can expect to be the national leaders. The spending has, though, been influenced by inflation.