Because of the times of the restrictions, people are heading to Formentor for the sunrise. | MDB


Small car-hire firms in Mallorca are being overwhelmed by notifications of fines for breaching traffic restrictions on the Formentor road.

By mid-August, 27,000 fines had been issued in all; these over a two-month period. Ramón Reus of the Aevab association explains that his members have to manage all these fines. For some firms, there have been as many as 300.

The firms have to identify the driver and communicate this to the traffic directorate, which will then send the fine to the driver's address. But this represents a great deal of work for the small firms because of the number of fines.

Reus adds that firms inform drivers about the Formentor restrictions. "But they ignore this, believing that they won't get an 80 euros fine for using the road between 10am and 10.30pm."