Guardia Civil divers recovered the body. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The Guardia Civil are investigating the death of a Colombian woman, whose body was found in the sea off the Paseo Marítimo in Palma on August 15.

It was initially thought that this was a suicide, but tests point to her having already been dead before entering the water. A murder investigation has therefore been launched.

Around noon on the fifteenth, some tourists noticed a floating bundle next to a yacht. Guardia Civil divers recovered the body, that of a woman aged around 30. There were no signs of violence and it was later confirmed that she was Colombian and lived in Palma with relatives.

Forensic analysis indicates that the body had been in the sea for a day and a half. Suicide or accidental death began to seem less likely once it was established that she didn't live in this area of the city and didn't frequent it. It was therefore felt to be strange that she would had chosen the Paseo Marítimo to take her own life.

Her mother categorically denied that the woman had intended to take her own life, and tests revealed that she didn't have water in her lungs, so she hadn't drowned.