One of the photos sent to Arca. | Arca


Since enabling a WhatsApp number ten days ago, the Arca heritage association has been sent over 200 photos of graffiti, most of these in Palma.

The association will be forwarding photos and information to Palma town hall. This will be done in stages "so as not to collapse the registration system". Arca trusts that the town hall will "react and eliminate all the graffiti, wherever it is."

The town hall has stated on various occasions that it can only clean graffiti from public property. It cannot deal with private properties unless the Emaya municipal services agency is expressly requested to do so.

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This limitation, Arca argues, means that the municipal service is "insufficient." In respect of graffiti, Palma is "perhaps the dirtiest city in the whole of Europe". The association will continue to send photos to the town hall, the authority "which ultimately has to clean the graffiti."