Progreso en Verde says that the video was taken after the heat alert had come into effect. | Progreso en Verde


The animal-rights party Progreso en Verde is to denounce the driver of a horse carriage in Palma for operating when there was a yellow alert for high temperatures.

On Monday, the party's president, Guillem Amengual, took a video of a carriage full of tourists that was being driven through the centre of the city after 12 noon. The Aemet yellow alert took effect at noon. Town hall regulations expressly prohibit the driving of a horse carriage when a heat alert is active. The fine can be up to 1,800 euros.

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Amengual says that he looked for a police patrol in order to inform them, but couldn't find one, "something that I don't think is normal".

He therefore phoned the police and told them that he will be presenting a "denuncia" to them and to the Prosecutor's Office. He called on the public to "raise the alarm" and help to ensure compliance with the regulations. He also asked tourists "not to hire carriage rides" and not just when there is a heat alert. "Besides, I don't know how it can be pleasant for them to ride in a horse-drawn carriage with these horrific temperatures."