Over 100 people attended the first meeting. | Lola Olmo


More than a hundred people from all over Mallorca gathered in Sineu on Saturday to join the fight against the overcrowding that Mallorca is suffering.

The assembly hall of the IES Sineu school was the place chosen for the meeting in which the attendees shared experiences and debated strategies that could “stir the conscience of the political class and of the citizens who are impassive when they see how the overcrowding we are suffering is affecting the well-being of the island’s residents”.

The proposals that were debated are intended to be simple actions, but “that reach out and stir consciences; it is a question of adding up what everyone can do and contribute”, said a spokesperson for the new initiative.

One of the messages given at this first meeting is that it is a citizens’ initiative, “detached from political parties and that it does not want to take the place of entities, associations and platforms that already exist and have their own agendas.”

Saturday’s meeting in Sineu is seen as a starting point that aims to “launch a movement, we can’t just sit back and do nothing”, they point out.

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All those at meeting agreed that Mallorca suffers from overcrowding, which multiplies in the summer due to tourism and affects the quality of life of residents.