Residents of Porreres are critical of a lack of policing at night. | Guillermo Esteban


The Guardia Civil have arrested two young men of legal age for the attack on the Porreres chief of police last Saturday. They have been charged with attacking an agent of authority and with making serious threats.

The mayor of Porreres, Xisca Mora, explains that the incident took place at a Porreres football club party. Players and their partners as well as children were among those who attended. Six males, some of them adults, were harassing girls, who notified the police chief, Sebastià Mora, who was off duty and at the party with his wife and daughter. When he intervened, the six responded by throwing him to the ground and punching and kicking him.

Other partygoers helped the police officer and the six left. When he returned home, they were waiting for him. He was threatened and insulted, his car was shaken and a large stone was thrown at the car, causing damage. He called the Guardia Civil, and when they saw the patrol car, the six left but returned to the party, apparently armed with sticks and stones and "ready for a fight". They attacked several people, and a girl suffered a broken finger.

The mayor says that these are young people who have grown up in Porreres and would have been fully aware that the man they were attacking was the chief of the local police, as he is a regular participant in school activities.

She adds that the town hall will file a private prosecution as and when the case goes to court. For Xisca Mora, "a red line" has been crossed, and she is angered that Porreres should suffers incidents like these. "We are a place where everyone is welcome and there has always been good coexistence."

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On Tuesday, a meeting was held at the town with the Guardia Civil, local police and social services to agree on actions to "restore public order and good coexistence in the municipality".