A good season in terms of hotel occupancy for Magalluf. | Archive

On Wednesday, the mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodríguez, reported that ten establishments in Magalluf face fines of between 60,000 and 600,000 euros for very serious breaches of the tourism of excesses decree.

The mayor gave this information at a meeting to take stock of the tourist season and of the application of the decree. In total, he said, the town hall had opened thirty sanctions procedures; some serious infractions had led to the closure of premises.

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Twenty out of the thirty were classified as serious. These were for breaches of regulations such as offering a happy hour. The sanctions, he stressed, send a message that the tourism of excesses decree is being applied "in order to ensure improvements". The mayor also highlighted the fact that hotel occupancy in Calvia overall has been higher this season than it was in 2019.

Attending the meeting was the president of the Council of Mallorca, Catalina Cladera. "We are very clear about how to combat tourism of excess. These are very good data, and the message we send out is very important."

For the Balearic government, the director-general of tourism, Rosana Morillo, expressed her satisfaction and thanked all those involved for their "commitment to improving tourism in Magalluf". "The feedback we are getting from the British government is improving, while the Magalluf brand is being improved; it is no longer linked to excess."