Tobias White-Sansom. | Family handout

The BBC reports that the family of Tobias White-Sansom, who died at Son Espases Hospital on July 31, five days after a night out in Magalluf, has welcomed a UK coroner's investigation into his death.

The mother of the 35-year-old, Lorraine Thompson, says that her "amazing" son - a father of two from Nottingham - was pinned down by nightclub security staff following a row over him removing his T-shirt because he was too hot. The Guardia Civil were called, and her son was handcuffed, tasered and injected with tranquilisers before going into cardiac arrest. Mrs Thompson has raised concerns about the thoroughness of the Spanish authorities' investigations in her son's death.

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His brother, billionaire Maximillian White, has questioned the version that he died as a result of an overdose. In August he said: "I'm not here out of thirst for revenge. I'm not saying that they wanted to kill my brother because that would be lying, but the brutality of the doormen and the Guardia officers caused his death."

Later in August, the Guardia Civil and National Police unions in Mallorca denounced Maximillian White and others for defamation. As a result of this, the judge at a court of instruction number in Palma last week ordered an investigation to find out who is behind what has been described as a smear campaign, which has included the publishing of a video showing the uncovered face of a Guardia Civil officer along with his name. This, say the unions, is a clear breach of data protection.