This may soon not be the scene at bus stops. | Katerina Pu

Speaking in Zaragoza on Wednesday, the director of Spain's Centre for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, said that there will "shortly" be an end to wearing masks on public transport and suggested that an announcement could be made next week. "The decision is not mine alone," he stressed, noting that regional health authorities will be among those to agree on eliminating the requirement to wear masks.

It had been expected that any change to the mask-wearing regulation would wait until March and the end of the season for acute infections. But in recent weeks, including the festive period, the epidemiological situation in Spain has been stable.

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Dr. Simón accepted that what has been happening in China has "complicated the situation". Even so, he indicated that the elimination of the regulation is imminent.

He added that the public should nevertheless continue to wear masks responsibly if they have Covid symptoms. "We need to understand that our health affects that of others in some way, especially when there is an infectious disease involved."