Police officers held a rally outside headquarters in December. | Jaume Morey


The SPPME union that represents officers with the Palma police force has announced that it and other unions will be taking the town hall to court over a failure to fulfil a commitment to implement a new management plan, which covers adjustments to pay and time off.

The unions say that they have spent the past couple of years negotiating the terms of this plan with the councillor for public security, Joana Maria Adrover. However, the councillor for finance and public function, Adrián García, has told unions that the plan will not be implemented during what remains of the current period of administration - the next election is in May. García, according to the unions, has said that the town hall is only considering improvements for the neighbourhood police and that adjustments to pay are not the responsibility of his department; they are solely those of public security.

The ruling administration, the unions claim, has "done nothing" to improve officers' conditions; it feels "cheated". On December 21, a rally outside police headquarters drew attention to the police demands. But this did not have the desired effect, and so the unions believe that they have no other option than to take the matter to court.

As far as the unions are concerned, Spanish legislative change to town hall budgeting means that there is "no legal impediment" to justify the delay in implementing improvements. But the town hall continues to say that there are "legislative limitations".

* Politically, this comes at a bad time for the current coalition at the town hall, as the opposition Partido Popular and Vox have been making much of their commitments to police force improvements.