Another week of work until area is declared safe to reopen. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Emergency service and Ibanat technicians, along with the rest of the security forces working in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range to reopen the roads after storm ‘Juliette’ dumped record amounts of snow and rain, are expecting a further week of work, if all goes well, and insist that roads "will only be opened when they are safe”.

“The landscape is beautiful, but people’s safety is at stake,” Josué Diaz, an emergency technician, told the media on Friday. Ibanat technician Pep Solivellas warned that there is still a risk of landslides caused by “the cocktail of snow and wind never seen before” caused by the storm.

The emergency technician explained that work is being carried out “day by day” with the intention of opening up sections, always safely, as and when possible. Now, he explained, priority is being given to cleaning and conditioning the main roads, but he insisted that “inside the forests the situation will remain the same” and that there will continue to be a risk of falling trees.

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On Monday, he said, there will be a new meeting of the special plan to evaluate the work carried out over the weekend. “It will open as soon as possible because the intention is not to limit mobility, but to make it safe,” he insisted.

Díaz explained that ice and water are also risk factors that can continue to cause movements and landslides because the Serra “are young mountains”.

The emergency service has again asked the general public not to go to the areas to which access has been restricted because in the event of an accident emergency teams would be unable to reach them.

As of today, the Ma-10 between the Ses Barques viewpoint and Pollença; the Ma-2100 between Bunyola and Orient; the Ma-2130 between Caimari and Lluc and the Ma-2210 to access Formentor remain closed.