Motorhome owners have demonstrated in calling for parking sites. | Pilar Pellicer

Escorca town hall intends creating a park for caravans and motorhomes near Font Cuberta, which is by the camping area in the vicinity of Lluc Monastery.

The mayor, Antoni Solivellas, says that this will enable the town hall to exercise greater control of these vehicles, to "keep an area of local and environmental sensitivity clean" and to meet the demand for such a facility.

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The project would require some amendment of existing municipal planning regulations but is perfectly plausible. The Council of Mallorca is said to be supportive of a plan that would provide up to eighteen parking spaces for motorhomes and similar plus infrastructure for water supply and waste disposal.

The mayor adds that "Escorca is a municipality which, due to its characteristics, attracts this type of tourism, so this is why we consider a park to be necessary".

A caravanning association, Oasis, has in the past held demonstrations in calling for a park in Lluc; as it has done elsewhere in Mallorca.