Partido Popular in Blue, Socialist Party in Red. Mallorcan nationalists in Green.

The Balearics took an important swing to the right tonight and many key councils across the Balearics could change hands after eight years of rule by a socialist-led coalition.

The big winners of the night were the centre-right Partido Popular and the far-right Vox. Vox has now become the third biggest party in the islands. The Partido Popular and Vox will have to enter coalition talks which will be no easy task.


Victory for the Partido Popular of Jaime Martinez who looks set to become the new Mayor of the City although he will need the support of Vox. The Partido Popular secured 10 councillors compared to the six they had following the 2019 elections. Vox went from 4 in 2019 to 7 in 2023.


Massive victory for the Partido Popular which secures an overall majority. Great win for Mayor Estenia Gonzalvo who wants to set-up an office to help non-Spaniards live and settle in the area.


In Calvia, socialist mayor Alfonso Rodriguez was a whisker away from an overall majority securing 12 councillors compared to the 10 he did in 2019. However, the Partido Popular with eight councillors and Vox with five could mean that the municipality moves to the right and is run by a Partido Popular/Vox coalition.


The Partido Popular were the overall winners but it is unlikely that they will form a ruling council because they are well short of an overall majority.


The Spanish Socialist Party were the overall winners.