Cab company Uber has announced that starting from Thursday at 9am "Mallorcans and visitors will have at their disposal the Uber Taxi services", including minibus-type vans which can take up to six people. There are 40 vehicles involved in the first phase.

The platform incorporated this service for the first time in 2019 in Madrid, followed by Malaga, Barcelona and Valencia in 2021, making Mallorca the fourth Spanish location to have cabs on the Uber app. In Spain, a total of 4,000 cabs already work with Uber, 3,000 of them in Madrid.

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Uber users will be able to use VTC and cab services in the municipalities of Palma, Calviá, Andratx and Llucmajor in this first phase of the launch.

The company will monitor the operation to assess the possible expansion to other municipalities on the island. Felipe Fernández Aramburu, general manager for Spain and Portugal, says that "with this launching, we continue a commitment to Spain and for the cab sector. We want to work hand in hand with the Mallorcan cab drivers, the local tourism sector and public administrations to improve mobility in Mallorca".