National Police on patrol at Palma airport. | National Police

The National Police at Palma airport has smashed an international gang and arrested three Romanian men in their mid 30s for being members of a criminal group and theft.

The group of pickpockets mainly targeting tourists when they went to the airport car park to pick up their vehicles.

According to the National Police the gang operates during the summer in Mallorca and then heads the Canary Islands during the winter.

Some of those arrested also have previous convictions in other European Union countries, apart from Spain, and one of them has legal residence in one of these European countries.
They are charged with three thefts at Palma airport, the most recent one occurring last Saturday and the other two committed in August of last year when they stole items valued at more than 9,000 euros.

The National Police asked the judicial authority for a restraining order from Mallorca, which was granted, and these individuals had to leave the island within 48 hours.
During the past month, four people were denied entry into Spain at Palma airport because they did not meet the requirements for entry into the country, and airline companies which carried them were fined.

The police arrested a further 12 people for various crimes and infractions.
Over the weekend, the airport investigation group arrested an Algerian who had stolen a laptop computer.
They located the suspect in the Playa de Palma and managed to return everything that had been stolen from the victim who had only just landed on the island.