The 300 kilo tuna in Puerto Soller. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

A well-known Soller fisherman, Antoni Moranta, and his crew caught a large bluefin tuna weighing over 300 kilos on Monday.

It is not the first time that a bluefin tuna of this size has been caught in Soller, although the usual catch is around 100 or 150 kilos, according to Gori Passador, a fisherman from Puerto Soller.

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The monster tuna caught by Moranta was taken to the Palma fish market to be sold. “Normally with this type of catch what is done is to export it to the mainland, specifically to Madrid, to be sold,” added Passador, who in turn acknowledged that bluefin tuna fishing is good for the sector. “It allows us to diversify our catches,” he added.   

Antoni Moranta is a well-known professional in Puerto Soller as he comes from a family of fishermen.
His boat Danagus was in charge of carrying the image of Sant Pere during the port’s traditional seafaring procession.