Magalluif is very quiet this summer. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Hundreds of tourists are leaving Magalluf on a daily basis to party in other resorts where the laws on drinking and party boats are not so strict.

For example, some hotels in Santa Ponsa are catering for British party-goers by organising pool parties that are banned in a large part of Magalluf. Others are heading to Palma to board the party boats and Magalluf businessmen have complained that the situation is “unfair”.

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And although most of them support some aspects of the Law of Excesses, Magalluf is ‘empty’ during the day, while tourists are getting drunk in other areas of Mallorca and when they get back to their hotels, they stay in their rooms and don’t go out again.

And all this is happening during a season which is not living up to expectations. The flight of tourists has further complicated, if possible, a summer which, according to the associated offer, has not lived up to the expectations and some bars and nightclubs have already been forced to reduce their staff with the whole month of August ahead of them and there is little they can do because of the Law of Excesses to compete with neighbouring resorts which are cashing in at Magalluf’s expense.