Four the of six arriving at court. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

The Guardia Civil are seeking to identify two other men who were involved in the alleged gang rape of an 18-year-old British woman in Magalluf. She has told investigators that there were eight.

Six were arrested last Monday. Five are French, named as Khalil A., 18; Anthony A. and Anthony G., both 20; Thomas E., 23, and Romain C., 26. The sixth man is Swiss - Lucas H., 20.

The woman and the six men were all staying at the same hotel. She was sharing a room with a friend. It has been established that she met the six at a club and returned to the hotel with them, but that they forced their way into her room.

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Twenty videos of the incident were recorded. On one phone, there were 13 recordings.

The investigating judge in Palma indicates that voices of the men can be heard in the videos. They are laughing, while there is not a sound from the woman. The judge refers to "truly humiliating practices without any hint that the victim could have given her consent." The possibility that there was consent is "absurd".

The six were ordered to prison on Tuesday.