A woman was captured in shocking video brawling on a Ryanair flight after she allegedly barged into other passengers while drunk before it took off to Ibiza. Footage captured by Lyndsay Cash shows the pink-top-wearing woman arguing with another passenger a few minutes before the planned departure from Manchester, United Kingdom, to the Spanish island at 3 p.m. Monday, Kennedy News and Media reported. After a brief scuffle, the out-of-control woman is pulled away in a headlock. “I will find you!” a woman | Youtube: New York Post


A shocking video obtained and posted by the NYPost shows a mass brawl in the aisles of a plane bound for Ibiza during boarding.

The footage, which was recorded by Lyndsay Cash, shows a woman, who was wearing a pink top, arguing with another passenger just minutes before the scheduled departure from Manchester to Ibiza at 3pm on Monday, Kennedy News and Media reported.

“The stewardesses were of little use and the children were upset. I didn’t like the way it was handled. It upset me and everyone on the plane. Everyone cheered as she was escorted off and she even got into a fight with the police,” Cash recalled.

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“I think she should not have been allowed on the plane and the stewards should have been much quicker. It was left to the passengers to deal with. If you can’t handle it, don’t drink,” she said.
A spokesman for Manchester police confirmed that there were disturbances on the plane before take-off, according to the report.

“Officers received a call at around 3pm that there were rowdy passengers on board a flight taking off from Manchester Airport,” he said.
“Two men in their 30s and a woman, also in her 30s, have been arrested on suspicion of being drunk on board a plane,” the representative said.

“One of the men and the woman were also arrested on suspicion of assaulting police officers. All of them remain in custody for questioning,” the statement added.
A company representative told Kennedy News that “a small number of passengers were upset” and added that the incident is a police matter.

“We sincerely apologise to the affected passengers for any inconvenience caused as a result of the disruptive behaviour of these passengers,” the airline said.