Danni Menzies: Mallorca holiday before flight nightmare: Photo Instagram/Danni Menzies.


Former A Place in the Sun star, Danni Menzies, is "stranded" in Mallorca following the havoc caused by Sunday's storm in Mallorca and the breakdown of Britain's air traffic control system. She initially boarded a flight back to London on Monday but after a "four hour chill" on the tarmac she and fellow passengers were told to disembark. Thousands of passengers were hit by long delays on Sunday after the freak storm which hit the island led to some flights being cancelled. The problem was even more serious for British passengers as a result of the problems suffered by Britain´s air traffic control system on Monday. Hundreds of flights were affected.

The Scottish TV star said on Instagram: "Flight cancelled today! After sitting on a plane for 5 hours…. Airport carnage in Mallorca. Any idea on how I can get home asap with my heavily pregnant friend before Thursday as our best friend is getting married Friday!!! HELP!"

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She later took to social media again saying: "Good job I’m a regular at under packing and so very good at washing my pants in the sink. Can’t say I’ve ever delivered a baby though. Can you at least get my pregnant pal home @British_Airways".

And in a third post the TV presenter said: "I ’ve never experienced anything like this in all my travels! Madness…. We have two pals on a ferry to Barca where they’ll fly to Paris and then euro star to London. Two on standby cause she’s pregnant. I’ve booked a flight to Amsterdam Thursday then hopefully back to London."

A Place in the Sun is a British Channel 4 lifestyle television series about attempting to find a "perfect property" on the market in the United Kingdom, overseas, and "abroad". It most often focuses on areas in southern Europe, but in recent years, it has also featured a number of places in other areas of the world such as Florida and the Caribbean.