There is no permission for the jet skis. | Lola Olmo

Residents of Playa de Muro maintain that illegal jet ski hire on the S'Oberta canal poses a safety risk. They say that the jet skis are stored in an empty lot and are moved by trailers according to demand along streets used by residents to walk to the beach.

More than this, residents claim that jet ski are filled with fuel at the same lot, leading them to believe that there must be a fuel tank there. "If an accident occurred it would affect all the surrounding houses."

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The environment ministry points out that the government is aware of this illegal activity and that environment agents have opened proceedings.

To either side of S'Oberta there aren't houses but there are hotels. The closest houses are next to the Albufera Gran Canal. S'Oberta is the stretch of the canal to the sea from the English Bridge over the canal.