Balearic opposition party has accused government of being absent during the storm. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The PSIB-PSOE opposition Socialist Party has called for the resignation of the director general of Emergencies, Sebastià Sureda Mas, for being away from his workplace during last Sunday’s storm which battered the Balearic Islands.

“The PSIB has been able to confirm that last Sunday at 11 am, the worst moment of the storm, the director general of Emergencies was away from his workplace and, instead of being in the operational centre of Emergencies coordinating the device to mitigate the effects of the storm, he was having a coffee in Sa Rapita,” the party said today.

The PSIB-PSOE are said to be furious over the “extremely serious” neglect of duty on the part of the person responsible for the security and protection of the citizens of the islands during last weekend’s storm.
The party has called for Sureda’s resignation “for enjoying his personal life at a time when a severe storm was battering the Balearics”.

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“If Sureda does not resign or is dismissed, the Socialist Parliamentary Group will immediately request his appearance to assess his suitability to carry out emergency tasks, given that it seems that his only suitability is to be a partner of the father of the president of the Balearics Government, Marga Prohens, and friendship is not enough to be given such a position,” the party said.

The PSIB-PSOE also referred to the absence of the Minister of the Presidency, Antònia Estarellas, and the President of the Balearics, Marga Prohens, who “was at a political party event in Galicia instead of coordinating the response to the storm from the islands”.

The Balearics are back on level one and two weather alerts for more storms this weekend.