A number of friends and acquaintances had been called upon. | Miquel À. Cañellas

On Tuesday, the owners of a sailboat which ran aground on Son Matías beach in Palmanova on Sunday attempted to relaunch it. Friends and acquaintances had been called and there was also a llaut to assist with towing.

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They were unsuccessful. Calvia police and the Guardia Civil turned up and put an end to the attempt, Civil Protection having already advised that a rescue of this type cannot be carried out by such rudimentary methods due to safety issues. An authorised company must be brought in. And that of course means considerable expense to owners.

Guardia Civil intervene in relaunch of a sailboat in Mallorca

There are procedures which govern incidents of this type, though with any luck it won't take as long to remove this boat as it did to remove a yacht which ran aground on the same beach four years ago. That took a year, and the owners faced a bill of 80,000 euros.