Los agentes llevaban una cámara en primera persona que grabó parte del rescate. | Última hora

The Guardia Civil has rescued a person who was drowning in the sea off Porto Cristo.

GEAS divers who had been taking part in the recovery of the body found in the sea off Cala Mendia, heard voices calling for help from a swimmer who was in serious trouble and was drowning.

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GEAS and a local police officer from Manacor who was also on the scene, used a dinghy from the yacht club and quickly rushed to where people were calling for help.

One of the Guardia Civil officers jumped into the water and placed the bather on his back and swam him to the boat.
At the time of the rescue, the swimmer was totally exhausted and on the verge of submerging.

After being lifted onto the boat, he was taken to the beach where he was assisted by medics waiting at the yacht club.