The barrier has been permanently raised. | M. B.

Last year, the town hall installed a barrier at the entrance to Cala Deya. The intention was to limit the number of cars and so prevent traffic jams. Unfortunately, the practice has proved to be somewhat different to the theory.

The barrier should remain down when the car park is full, while there is a number plate reader that allows residents to pass through and get to their homes. However, this reader has been inoperative for the entire summer, meaning that the barrier has had to be up. The consequence has been that the jams have continued.

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A resident says that there is a sign that advises when the car park is full. "But people continue to drive in. They go down to the bottom where there is a small roundabout and then come back up, creating jams because the road is very narrow. And tourists stop in the middle of the road to wait for a parking space. There is a great deal of chaos every day."

As the the barrier wasn't working properly, the mayor of Deya, Lluis Apesteguia, arranged for the police to control access during peak hours. This has apparently been effective most days, but it has led to additional strain on parking above Cala Deya. Another case of "tourist saturation".