A dimoni (not the one who assaulted the Son Rapinya band) tries to steal a peasant girl's bag, while another helps her to 'defend' herself amidst laughter.

Santa Margalida Town Hall has decided to take security measures for next year's La Beata procession following the incident that occurred this year - one of the members of the Son Rapinya Band of Music music was sexually assaulted. The mayor, Joan Monjo, met the La Beata organisers and demons' representatives and arrived at a "joint and consensual" decision.

The meeting agreed on three main measures for greater control of the demons. There will be breathalyser check before the procession, as he considers this to be a "catalyst" for this type of macho behaviour as well as any other type of violence.

In addition, the demons will have to be identified, although the mayor doesn't yet know how this will be done, but probably with a number. "There are about two hundred demons, and there are five or six who go too far. We already know who they are and we will prohibit them from taking part. The number will be reduced to minimise the disorder."

The mayor's statements came after complaints from the PSOE opposition who lamented the "delay and lack of forcefulness" by the administration in responding to the sexual assault.

The PSOE spokesperson, Xisco Bergas, has thanked Monjo for his "change of opinion", but he has criticised the Partido Popular. "They have not even made a statement, even though the councillor for fiestas is one of theirs." Regarding the measures proposed by the mayor, PSOE consider them to be "adequate".

Even so, Bergas is of the view that "it is not alcohol that is the main problem, but rather machismo". "Preventive and awareness-raising measures must also be taken in this respect." PSOE also argue that there need to be statutes for this fiesta event. "It is one of the few that doesn't have them."

This would help to minimise arguments and confrontations when it comes to organising the festival and would also include security measures to avoid situations like this year. "We've been calling for written regulations for years."