Guardia Civil in Magalluf. (Archive image.) | Michel's

The Guardia Civil report having arrested two 18-year-old British tourists after they had smashed up a hotel room in Magalluf.

The incident occurred on September 9. Around 10.30pm, the hotel reception contacted the Guardia Civil. Two guests in a room on the fourth floor were fighting. Officers found them in the corridor and separated them. They also discovered, as did the hotel night manager, that there were two broken doors, frames thrown on the floor, a broken lock, and blood on the walls.

The manager told them that they would be expelled from the hotel and charged 1,000 euros for the damage. One of the two phoned his mother to ask for a transfer of the money to be made. When the transfer wasn't made, they became agitated and claimed that the officers wanted the money for themselves. It was stressed that the money was for the damage. They responded by saying that they would rather go to jail than pay.

As there was still no evidence of a transfer having been made, they were indeed taken to jail. The officers had told them that they weren't going to be arrested. But as there was no payment, they were charged with criminal damage.

Some hours later they appeared in court. Their passports were withdrawn and then the transfer was made. The passports were returned and they left Mallorca.