The Guardia Civil and Inca police detained two individuals.

Around 8pm on Thursday, an Inca police officer was at his home with family, when he became aware that there were some youths kicking wing mirrors of parked cars. One of the cars belonged to the officer. He and his wife went to the Guardia Civil station in Inca to report the incident.

While they were there, his wife received a call from one of their two daughters. She was screaming: "There are about 10 or 15 gypsies shouting at the door. They're trying to get in."

The couple returned, and Guardia Civil and Inca police patrols went to their address. Those who had been outside the house had left. A search for them was mounted. Soon afterwards, the woman went to collect things from her car. A black Opel Zafira vehicle suddenly appeared and stopped in the middle of the road. Two individuals got out. One said: "Are you the wife of the police officer who reported my son? I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill you."

He pulled out what looked like a knife and went for her. At the same time, a man with his son who were walking their dog witnessed the scene. The man pounced on the would-be attacker. He was an off-duty National Police officer.

The Guardia Civil and police were able to arrest two men. An Inca court released them on charges and with restraining orders.

The incident has caused a good deal of concern in Inca. The police officer had reported a member of a clan which is said to be generating some panic among residents, who are demanding that the town hall intervenes and requests the banishment of clan members from Mallorca.