Queen Elizabeth to visit three times in a month.

Britain's premier cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth, will be visiting the port of Palma on three occasions in less than a month. The ship is a tribute to the two previous Queen Elizabeth-named ships: the original Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth 2. She also evokes the era of the 1930s, in which Cunard's first Queen Elizabeth was launched, with many art deco interior touches.

The ship also features a Britannia Club section of the main restaurant, which is a feature popular on Queen Mary 2, but not available on Queen Victoria. This service allows passengers in the Britannia staterooms to have single seating dining arrangements, without having to upgrade to the more expensive Grills classes. The sliding roof over the Winter Garden featured on Queen Victoria is replaced with a simple glass roof with the space being renamed The Garden Lounge.

The first visit will take place on September 24 and the rwo others in October 8 and October 22.

Following the ship's construction in Italy from 2007 to 2010, Cunard Line officially confirmed that the late Queen Elizabeth II would name Cunard's new ship. The ceremony was held in Southampton on 11 October 2010 before the ship set sail on her maiden voyage to the Canary Islands the following day.

The ship can carry up to 3,000 passengers.