A 29-year-old woman of Ecuadorian nationality has been arrested in Palma after stealing perfumes from a shop where she threatened the shop assistants with syringes if they did not let her take them.

The incident took place last Tuesday night, in a shop in the Sant Nicolau neighbourhood, where a woman stole some perfumes while threatening the shop assistants with two syringes if they did not let her leave, the Balearic National Police Headquarters said in a statement.

The shop assistants told the agents that the same woman had entered the establishment earlier in the afternoon and had tried to steal some perfumes, but fled when she was caught. She returned later, took two perfumes and threatened the employees with two syringes if they did not let her go.

From the description, the police officers recognised the alleged perpetrator of the robbery because that same morning she had been arrested for a judicial complaint, relating to a previous robbery with violence and intimidation, and that same afternoon she had been released.

The officers made several rounds in the area of La Soledad, as they knew that the woman frequented the area, and located her in the street at around 10pm. The woman admitted that she had been stealing from the street. The woman admitted that she had been stealing objects to exchange them for things of interest to her. She did not have the stolen perfumes on her, as she had exchanged them for cocaine moments earlier, but she did have clothes with the tags still attached.

The officers arrested her on suspicion of robbery with violence and intimidation. The woman, who has multiple previous convictions for previous offences, was taken to court and remanded in custody.